Try Clojure Online (in a web browser)

A Server-side Implementation

Raynes (Anthony Grimes), a surprisingly young and prolific Clojure hacker, put together Try Clojure.

It looks like so:


and executes a reasonably wide variety of Clojure code. It operates using a well-sandboxed Clojure instance running on a server.

Another site, 4clojure, has a set of online micro-problems (“koans”) helpful in learning Clojure.

A JavaScript Implementation

ClojureScript (which deserves it own “how to learn this” material) is a implementation of Clojure which runs on top of JavaScript. The following site offers an online ClojureScript/Clojure experience, very useful for learning. It is implemented using a (very clever, but not yet “official”) ClojureScript compiler itself compiled to JavaScript, for a 100% browser experience.

(The offical ClojureScript compiler is still Java-based.)

How about an Applet?

It should be reasonably straightforward (though perhaps involving a tedious download delay) to run a Clojure REPL in a Java Applet, thus making it possible to start working with Clojure right away using only (well, mostly) your web browser. But I haven’t see such a thing yet.


As it stands today, Clojure isn’t as easy to get running locally as I’d like. Therefore, the more try-online tools we see, the better.