Learn-Clojure.com FAQs

Why Yet Another Clojure web site?

There are plenty of web sites about Clojure, including the main site clojure.org, which is bursting with useful information.

But that site, especially, can feel intimidating by the sheer volume and depth of information it contains.

This site, Learn Clojure, is an attempt to consolidate just the most useful introductory material in one place, presented in a way that aims to help new or prospective Clojure developers. If you are already deep in the Clojure world, and find this site unnecessary, that is utterly OK.

Who made this site?

Learn-Clojure.com was created by Kyle Cordes in 2010, with help from others at Oasis Digital Solutions Inc to help more people make their way in to the Clojure world. For suggestions or complaints, please use the contact form on Kyle’s web site or contact Oasis Digital.

The site is sporadically updated, mainly when someone points out that information as become obsolete, or that a new and very good site for starting with Clojure appears.

Who pays the bills?

Learn-Clojure.com is hosted by Oasis Digital @oasisdigitalstl, which also pays for the domain name and any other costs.

Can I Help?

Yes! Please send feedback and suggested changes.

Can I Help More?

Yes! I’d love to share the work (and credit) for this site with a couple of other folks who have a strong desire and skills to help people learn Clojure more effectively.

Design By

This site design is based on a free template from Luka Cvrk at Solucija, with various local enhancements.

How is the site generated?

The site “source” is stored in Markdown files in a Git repo, then generated for posting using Jekyll and Maruku.

More questions?

Use the contact form on Kyle’s web site or contact Oasis Digital.