Clojure Videos

Rich Hickey Videos

There are videos of Rich Hickey’s Clojure talks, on

I found that the best way to watch these (and many other videos) is not on the web site; rather, use Miro and subscribe to the RSS feed on the page above. This automates the process of downloading the videos and playing them locally… even if you’re offline, and without any “buffering” delays.

Stu Halloway Videos

Stu’s talks on Simplicity Ain’t Easy and radical simplicity have good background about why Clojure is the way it is. Not quite on-point for learning to use the language, though.


On Learnivore you can find a set of 19 (so far) videos explaining various aspects of Clojure.

Udemy / Ryan Kelker

This Intermediate Clojure course is in the form of a series of short videos, more suitable for consumption in small pieces than the long-form alternatives.

Alex Ott’s list

Alex Ott has gathered a long list of Clojure videos which I’d reproduced here, just in case it disappears. But consult his list, which is probably kept up to date more dilligently than this copy.


I found Rich Hickey’s talk videos enormously helpful in understand why Clojure works the way it does; but possibly not the most efficient way to learn to use Clojure.