Clojure Tutorials

Mark Volkmann

The most-referenced Clojure tutorial seems to be the one that Mark Volkmann (a software development guru here in St. Louis) put together. It is entitled Clojure - Functional Programming for the JVM, and steps through Clojure starting with the basics. It is rather long and quite detailed - expect to spend considerable time working through it.

Eric Rochester

Eric Rochester single-handedly (or perhaps two-handedly) wrote a long series of detailed blog posts which together form a Clojure tutorial.

John Gabriele

John Gabriele has a not-so- Brief Beginner’s Guide To Clojure which starts at the very beginning, assuming you don’t even know Java.


There are two WikiBooks about Clojure:

Clojure Programming, especially its cookbook page, is coming together pretty well. As of 5 Dec 2010, it’s been a month since the last edit - maybe you can add something as you learn.

Learning Clojure is a similar effort; it is not entirely clear to me what the difference is, from a few minutes of comparison.

Koans and Exercises

Once you’ve absorbed the basics, working through the Clojure Koans is a great way to test and extend your understanding. (In this context, “koan” means approximately “brain puzzler meant to build understanding”.)

Several other sets of exercises are linked on this Stack Overflow page


Although it can be tedious, working through the examples in a language tutorials, typing and copy-pasting them in to run, edit, and re-run, is a very well provide technique. If you are serious about learning Clojure, just start with one of these and keep going until you have at least a basic understanding of all the code therein.

I prefer Mark Volkmann’s, but that might be just because I know and like Mark.