Clojure Training / Classes ($$)

In the US

The Pragmatic Studio offers a Clojure programming class taught by Rich Hickey (creator of Clojure) and Stu Halloway. Pragmatic Studio courses typically cost $2000-2500, which is justified by the fact that Rich and Stu are almost certainly the two most central people in the Clojure world.

The classes are scheduled somewhat sporadically, so if you are interested, go to the site above and sign up for their mailing list.

In Europe

Conj Labs offer Clojure classes is various European cities.


… coming, soon?

Course Materials (free)

The folks at Relevance put together LabREPL, a Clojure starter-kit of sorts, comprised of a set of exercises by which to learn Clojure.

According to Seth Schroeder’s writeup, LabREPL is intended for both classroom and independent use. If you want a course-like experience but can’t find (or afford) one, working through the LabREPL is a great backup plan.


If you have the budget, it’s hard to argue with the value of a class co-taught by Rich Hickey and Stu Halloway.