The Clojure Community

Documentation Aggregation

Zachary Kim put together the extremely useful which offers a dense, readable, searchable aggregation of the documentation for everything in Clojure Core and Clojure contrib; it sounds like the documentation for many other non-core Clojure libraries may eventually make in in there also.

Zachary Kim together the documentation for Clojure and many Clojure libraries.

Mailing Lists

The center of the Clojure community is clearly the main Clojure mailing list. However, it gets quite a lot of traffic on relatively arcane subjects, so it is not a great choice when you are first learning the language.

Social Media “Groups” and Feeds

Clojure People

Fogus (a well-known Clojure personality, coauthor of “The Joy of Clojure”) has interviewed various other Clojure folks. In any new language community, many important matters are resolved by a group of a few dozen people (or less) who know each other, and Clojure is no exception. To understand how Clojure fits in the world, it helps to know a thing or two about the cast of characters.


When you’re learning a new language, interacting directly with other people is very helpful - so join a local group, if there is one in your area.

I keep ClojureDocs up pretty much all the time when writing or reading Clojure code.